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Little Foodies story

July 31 2020 – Hettie Farrell

As first time parents, we couldn’t believe that there were basically only two options - either spend the time making (and cleaning up!) food yourself, or buy heavily-processed pouches from the supermarket. To make matters worse, the supermarket options seemed to taste bland, contain huge amounts of fruit, and were so highly processed they would last on the shelves for YEARS. Neither option was appealing to us. 

We also realised that what we were feeding our own babies was vastly different (with way more flavour and variety) than any of the supermarket options. If it was important to us that our babies experienced different vegetables, herbs and spices, why wouldn’t other parents also want this for their babies? 

Quality nutrition should be available to everyone - not just those with the luxury of time and energy to make it themselves. 

At Little Foodies, we want to give parents a better choice when feeding their babies healthy, nutritious food. All of our products have been approved by a paediatric nutritionist (and thoroughly tested by our own babies, of course). With the convenience of home delivery, we hope that we can make your feeding journey a little bit easier. 

Welcome to the family!

Hayley & Hettie xx